Seat Leon Full Wrap

Seat Leon Full Wrap

The Background

Our very own Ethan is not only a car wrapping expert but a serious car enthusiast.

He recently bought a Seat Leon in silver. The car is great but by all accounts, the colour isn’t cool anymore.

The Brief

“Change my Seat Leon from a Silver old man’s car to something that looks cool, but subtle like.”

The Idea

Ethan and the design team discussed several ideas and looked through many colour swatches but fundamentally Ethan wanted to go with a full wrap with a pearlescent effect.

The Technical Bit

Getting the colour right and particularly the direction of the pearlescent effect was key to making this wrap work and stand out.

We used 3M’s 1080 Colour Flow range as it had the best colour options. Ethan chose the striking, rich tones of 3M’s Volcanic Flare.

Ethan wrapped the majority of the car himself so he can pat himself on the back for an excellent piece of work with a unique, stand out finish.

The Final Result

Ethan is delighted with the colour change and also has the car’s original paintwork protected by the wrap.

Changing the colour through this process is very cost-effective compared to a high-end respray and the 3M Colour range is very extensive.

Ethan did have to notify the DVLA that the car was now multicoloured.