Jaguar XK Vehicle Wrap

Jaguar XK Vehicle Wrap


Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy life in the slow late…except if you are about to go on a trip to Le Mans and want to revel in the occasion as much as possible.

The Brief

Elite Signs were commissioned by two brothers to brand their Jaguar XK as a Le Mans retro classic.

The Idea

The Design team studied a number of retro classic designs and presented a number of options to the clients. With the iconic Silk Cut classic chosen as the preferred look, our Design team researched original references and carefully created the working design.

The Technical Stuff

For real authenticity, it was essential to go the extra mile with the colour matching. This caused issues as the colour strayed dangerously into the difficult part of the purple spectrum and then printed on MetaWrap MD-X. Our Application Team then applied the printed and laminated MD-X livery components to the car.

The Jag presents a challenging application surface, to say the least but MD-X and the Elite Application team sailed through the job perfectly. Silver metallic Jaguar devices were cut and applied over the wrapped and laminated MataWrap MD-X completing the main livery.

The Final Result

The completed project was a real homage to the heritage of Le Mans and a real example of what’s possible with the right idea, materials and expertise. The wrap certainly created the desired results for the clients. The car was treated like a celebrity during the trip and was photographed by everywhere on their journey over to France.