Interbet Car Wraps

Interbet Car Wraps


Established to provide quality entertainment to people who enjoy gambling, Interebet provide their customers with the opportunity to do so in a secure and enjoyable gaming space.

The Brief

Interbet wanted to promote their sponsorship of Newport FC during their FA Cup run by wrapping two Vauxhall Insignia Estates.

The Idea

The Design Team got to work on Interbet’s colourful and impactful brand visuals.

It was important to make the design attention-grabbing but also to ensure that the detailed imagery worked smoothly across the vehicle with clear marketing messages.

The Technical Bit

For both full wraps, we used contra vision film for windows so passengers can see out.

The Final Result

The final wraps were very eye-catching and the team and the vehicles were an important and very visible element in their overall marketing promotion.