Griffin Haulage

Griffin Haulage


Griffin Haulage were a new start-up with one lorry and a great business plan to provide transport to the local quarries.

The Brief

Griffin saw examples of our work on social media and on the road of South Wales, so got in touch about branding their MAN TGX lorry cab with an attention grabbing design.

The Idea

Having brand guidelines from their graphic designer gave clear instructions as to how the Griffin logo was to be used, so our designers created a watermark effect ‘n’ with wings and their full logo on top, of each side of the lorry cab.

The Technical Stuff

With their fleet growing within a couple of months due to increased demand for their services and being noticed on the roads, we had to adapt the design to incorporate partial wrap graphics that would feed into the deep indents of the lorry bodywork to ensure full adhesion.


The Final Result

With seven lorries on the road now and a tanker to soon be branded, Griffin Haulage have become a recognisable brand on the roads of the UK and has commented that our lorry branding service has contributed to their success.