Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy


Chips Ahoy are the quintessential British Chippy on wheels, serving the freshest foods to people all over Wales.

They believe in keeping it simple and staying true to the roots of the Chippy, just great fresh food prepared daily and brought to you.

The Brief

A full wrap of their new chip van with updated design and branding.

The Idea

Chips Ahoy wanted a real seaside feel to come through in their design, so we created a fishing village scene on their chip van to evoke nostalgic memories of holidays gone by.

The Technical Stuff

With a vehicle this large and as a chip van it has a lot of electrical wiring and cameras, so we needed to do a full, technical strip down before we started.

We used a combination of high quality Arlon SLX Plus Cast Wrap and Arlon 450 GT for the job.

The Final Result

Who’s hungry? If you are feeling like treating yourself you’ll know who to look out for.