Branding Your Business

The first goal of branding is to increase the recognition of your company within the minds of your target market.

The science of perception sees the human brain acknowledge and remember shapes first, followed by colour, and then finally the overall form of the shape takes place in our minds. 

With this in mind, you can see why distinctive shapes and colours become associated with famous companies (green and white for Starbucks, gold and red for McDonald’s) and why it’s vital for any company to ensure they apply their branding to increase maximum recognition.

From dramatic vehicle branding to detailed, high-end signage installations, Elite has perfected its craft over three family generations to ensure your business gets noticed and remembered.

Consistency is key with branding and Elite’s expert Design Team will help you apply your brand across your operation ensuring your visual language is delivered accurately and creatively to build powerful brand association with your audience. 

Our Designers can effectively interpret existing brand guidelines or create new ideas depending on your particular business needs. 

Man installing vinyl sticker in shop window

Window graphics, a floor mat and a wall sign – some of the elements we used to reinforce the Kitchens for Living brand look.

Visit our Case Studies page to view some our most striking projects. 

If you are interested in talking to our Design Team about how your branding can be developed to increase your companies recognition in the marketplace then contact us here